Style Guide

These guidelines cover everything you need to know for the Martian Mathematics brand. For information about Martian Mathematics in general go here.

Martian Mathematics Logo

The Martian Mathematics logo is the instantly recognizable symbol and focal point of our brand. That's why it's so important to use the logo exactly as specified in these guidelines.

Martian Mathematics Logo


The font for the text "Martian Mathematics" is the "Audiowide" font available on Google Fonts


Martian Mathematics Icon

Sometimes we simply use the icon on its own instead of the full logo mark. The icon includes the circle, the "M," and the cuneiform of the number 24.

Prodigy Mathematics Logo

The Prodigy Mathematics series of books for "little geniuses" has its own branding to distinguish it from the more juvenile themed parent Martian Mathematics.


The font for the text "Prodigy Mathematics" is the "Boogaloo" font available on Google Fonts

Prodigy Mathematics Icon

Sometimes we simply use the icon on its own instead of the full logo mark. The icon includes the circle, the infinity sign, and the fractal flower pattern.

The color palette for the elements in the logo are as follows.

It is important that the appearance of the logos and icons remain consistent. The logo should not be misinterpreted, modified, or added to. No attempt should be made to alter them in any way. Do not rotate, warp, or disproportionately scale  them. Their orientation, color and composition should remain as indicated in this document without exception. 

Meet the Martians

Martian Mathematics features many different Martian-themed characters. Martian Mathematics Affiliates may use them in their own marketing material. All Martians use #008a05ff for their skin color except Chef Bobby Gray who uses #666666ff instead.


  Caesar is a Roman-themed martian.
Captain Tiberius is a starship- commander-themed Martian.
Chef Bobby Gray is a chef-themed Martian. He is often used in the "service week" sections of the Martian Mathematics curriculum.
Cleo is an Egyptian-themed Martian modeled after Cleopatra. She is like a homeroom teacher throughout the Martian Mathematics curriculum. She is also featured in the children's book "Sarah and Sam Save the School with Even Numbers."
Dusty is a cowboy-themed Martian.
Enkidu (En-Kee-Doo) is a Sumerian-themed Martian. He is used mainly to teach "stamp math."
Euclid is a Greek-themed Martian. He is mainly used to teach geometry.
Hypotenuse Prime is a military-commander-themed Martian. He is the leader of the Martian Army and is often used to issue promotions to students in the Martian Mathematics curriculum.
Leeboo is an African-Maasai-themed Martian. The Maasai tribe are legendary lion hunters known for their distinctive customs and dress.
Moses is a Hebrew-themed Martian modeled after the biblical Moses of ten-commandments fame. He is often used to convey mathematical laws and theorems in the Martian Mathematics curriculum.
Ti (pronounced like the drink) is another Egyptian-themed Martian modeled after Nefertiti.
Robert is a soldier-themed Martian. He is like a teacher's assistant and is used in almost every lesson.
Sophia is another soldier-themed Martian. She, too, is like a teacher's assistant and is used in almost every lesson.
Tut is another Egyptian-themed Martian modeled after the Pharaoh Tutankhamen.  


The Human Characters

Martian Mathematics also features some human children characters.

  Abhinav is an Indian school boy.
Pia is an Indian school girl.

Sam is a Caucasian school boy. He is featured in the children's book "Sarah and Sam Save the School with Even Numbers."

Sarah is a Caucasian school girl. She is featured in the children's book "Sarah and Sam Save the School with Even Numbers."
Shaun is an African-American school boy.
Nia is an African-American school girl.
Jose is a Latin-American school boy.
Maria is a Latin-American school girl.
Ren is an Asian school boy.
Michiko is an Asian school girl.



Scaled Down Not Dumbed Down

"Scaled down not dumbed down" reflects our Montessorian teaching philosophy. All to often, teachers strip down concepts so much that they no longer work. Just like dull scissors make simple cutting tasks nearly impossible, dumbed-down math hinders mathematical competency. The sophisticated tools developed by mathematicians made math easier, not harder. The overhead in learning how to use these tools is paid tenfold by their utility.


Little Geniuses

This is a general reference to our customers' children. No Mensa membership required. The phrase is used for the challenging Prodigy Mathematics curriculum, which caters to older students (9 years and up). 

Out-of-this-World Math Adventure

Martian Mathematics is chock full of fun exercises and games that allows students to rise in rank in the Martian Army and earn badges and special rewards as incentive to perform. Exercises are backed by compelling story-based characters that are engaging and relatable to young students.