DIY Math Camp
DIY Math Camp
DIY Math Camp
DIY Math Camp
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DIY Math Camp

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Put on your own DIY math summer camp or virtual math summer camp (ages 5-12). Every day begins with a puzzle that unlocks a hidden message followed by a short lesson. Activities include arts and crafts, photography, manipulatives, etc. Finish the day with one of the recommended projects. 

 Day 1: Spirolaterals and Dragon Curves

On day 1, campers review multiplication and division by learning a finger math hack I bet they have never seen before. They then learn how to make spirolaterals and dragon curves. 

 Day 2: Fibonacci Numbers

On day 2, campers review fractions and learn a totally gross way to think about fractional divisors. The main lesson covers the famous Fibonacci numbers and the golden ratio, which they use in a photography project on composition.  

 Day 3: Figurate Numbers

On day 3, campers review the connection between arithmetic and geometry through area. They are then introduced to figurate numbers like square and triangular numbers which they explore further using cuisenaire rods.

 Day 4: Pascal’s Triangle

Today campers take a deep dive into number theory through Pascal’s triangle and learn the basics of combinatorics. Complex concepts like n-choose-k are explored and modular arithmetic are introduced. As an art project they construct beautiful Sierpinski triangles.

 Day 5: Binary Numbers, Number Base, and Boolean Logic

The last day introduces binary numbers and how computers work. The day is concluded with a group project in which the campers make a human computer!