Fall Newsletter

Inaugural Newsletter!

Welcome to our first monthly newsletter. I am excited to tell you that lessons 8-15 of level 1 are now available (Teacher’s Guide, Student Workbook, Digital Exercises and Quizzes, and Slides). All of the supplemental material is available as well, including a new workbook series called “Skipping Your Way Through Multiplication.” The new products are linked below. I expect to have the third quarter (lessons 16-22) ready by the end of December.  

Changes in the US mail system surrounding the upcoming elections and COVID-19 have increased delays in shipping of all print materials and accessories. I apologize for the inconvenience. To allow you to proceed with the curriculum while you are awaiting print materials, I am including, free of charge, downloadable pdfs when you purchase the student workbooks or teacher's guides for level 1. 

David Ward

Now Available

Martian Mathematics Level 1


Skipping Your Way Through Addition and Subtraction

Skipping Your Way Through Multiplication and Division



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